South Bay Sports Photography


South Bay Sports Photography was born out of a need… a need that presented itself one year when our sons' sports teams had no one to cover their action. Being a semi professional photographer, I decided to pick up the camera and shoot. Southbay sports photography was born that day and continues 12 years later.

How we do it

Along with my wife and two full-time employees, we are the backbone of this company. We have the ability to cover sports action photography as well as team and individual portraits. Whatever your need, South Bay can deliver a product that we can be proud of and that you can treasure.

Why we do it

It's a true labor of love, being a sports photographer is not an easy profession, and it can sometimes have long grueling hours. It is been said though, if you can find a profession that you love, it won't feel like work. And that is what we have found. We hope that you enjoy the labor of love that we put forth.

When we do it

You can contact the studio to inquire about booking us for your next sporting event or for your team photos. We have two full-time shooters along with two staff team members. Whatever your needs, we will take care of you. Call today 555-555-1212.